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Welcome to 3 friends TALK podcast!  Thank you for joining us on this journey.

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Dec 31, 2019

Hey Friends!!

You are Stronger than you could ever imagine!! Reveal your strength and Use your Power! On this next episode, our Pharmasister Dr. Jamie shares her truth and reveals all her Power with 3 Friends Talk. Let her inspire you to fight through the set backs and fulfill your purpose. She wants us to be Fit, Fab...

Dec 25, 2019

Hey Friends,

We are wishing  you the very best during this holiday season from our families to yours!  We pray you are taking care of yourself and spending time with those near and dear.  Don't forget your self-care!


Dr. Courtney, Dr, Leah, Dr. Sylvia 

3 friends TALK

Dec 19, 2019

Hey Friends!!  Get ready for this jaw dropping episode. Raw and Unfiltered like organic honey...this convo wont disappoint! Listen up as our Super Friend and fav Ob/Gyn Dr. Pierre breaks us all the way down on babies, contraceptives, mommy makeovers, and more!!! It's the Talk you've been waiting for!!!

Connect with Dr....

Dec 11, 2019

Hey Friends! Is it the Most Wonderful Time of the Year??? Don't let the Holidays Run you; you Run the Holidays!! We are bringing our Super Mental Health Care Expert, Therapist Litza, to 3 Friends Talk. She is dropping knowledge on the importance of taking back control of your life, setting boundaries, and our fav...

Dec 4, 2019

On the next episode of 3friendsTALK , listen and get to know the Dallas Diva, Dr. Sylvia. Dr. Sylvia Perry is a Doctor of Pharmacy, speaker, author, and owner/lead strategist of PharmD Consultants of Texas. She is also the author of the Amazon best-selling book, “20 Pharmacy Facts and Hacks You Should Know,”...