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Jan 29, 2020

Hey Friends,


On this episode, we get a chance to honor and reflect on the life and legend of Kobe Bean Bryant. Rest In Paradise KING!  


Also, as we slide into Black History Month, we are excited to welcome Mr. Ron Brooks!  Our amazing super friend is dropping all the knowledge about, WHO SHOT GHOST! SPOILER ALERT!, building a strong foundation, who to block on social media, real estate, and land investing and so much more.  Mr. Brooks was the second African-American to own a Co-Working space in the country! #putsomerespectonhisname! He is a forward-thinking pioneer ahead of his time who lives the Kobe model of hard work and be consistent.  Ron has been hosting the Minding Your Business Podcast since 2017. He’s giving you all the Major Keys to take your business to the next level. Be sure to tune in, we’re also dropping a ton of laughs this episode!  


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Legacy Livin' Book