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Apr 16, 2021

Freeli TV…Here we come with Javier Mac & Tenia Wright!

Hello, Hello, HELLO friends!

Fam, we got a streaming deal!!! We are so excited to share our big news!  Your favorite pharmacists are a part of Freeli TV family.  Freeli TV is a streaming app and is jam packed with channels for whatever interest, hobby, or favorite that you have. From lifestyle channels, to music channels, to feature length movies, to celebrity interviews, Freeli is free to watch and 100% for the Culture. Today we are sitting down with Talent Curator and the Chief Programming Officer of Freeli TV, Javier Mac & Tenia Wright!  You always know it’s going to be a fun conversation with your girls!

In this episode you will learn:

  • The mission of Freeli tv
  • Meet our Super friends behind the scenes of this all Black streaming app
  • The focus is content for us by us.
  • How to download Freeli tv
  • How to watch 3 friends TALK on Freeli tv

Download the Freeli app for free:

About Javier Mac:

Javier McIntosh is currently a full-time artist living in Downtown, Atlanta. After graduating from Georgia State University with a Managerial Science degree, Javier decided to focus all of his efforts into video production. Within a year he became Director of Photography for one of Atlanta's most successful photo marketing boutiques and would win Best Atlanta Indi Production Company in 2017. Over the past decade, he produced for brands such as Spotify, Sprite, and Kia Motors, just to name a few. Before joining forces with Jabriel McIntosh to create McIntosh Bros LLC, Javier was personally commissioned by Reebok, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Patti LaBelle, and then toured with Grammy Award Winning group Arrested Development. When Javier is not working on film projects, he enjoys playing the piano, boxing, and salsa dancing. In his spare time, he volunteers with organizations such as Big Brother Big Sister and Re:ImagineATL. 

About Tenia Wright:

Tenia is a founding member and Chief Programming Officer for Freeli TV where her responsibilities include the curation and programming of TV shows and movies.  She received a Bachelor's in Journalism/Public Relations from Georgia State University and a Master's in Human Resources Management from the University of Phoenix.  When she is not programming for Freeli, she enjoys producing film projects and serving on the high school ministry at her church.


Connect with Javier and Tenia at:

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