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Nov 24, 2020

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Were back with Royce Duplessis, Attorney and LA State Representative, Servant Leader for Our Millennium!

As a public servant to his hometown of New Orleans, LA, our Super Friend Royce Duplessis proudly represents for a community that is often marginalized and underserved. 3friendsTALK was excited to sit down with this amazing attorney and State Representative and learn about his journey from Pontchartrain Park to the State Capitol in Baton Rouge. Representative Duplessis breaks down his mission and passionately describes how politics entered his life, and how he currently uses his platform to focus on important topics such as appropriate living wages for the working class, increased access to quality early childhood education, and smarter criminal justice policies. Will we one day soon see our Super Friend Royce and his family waving from the White House balcony??? Tune in to your favorite 3friends to hear all the TALK with our Millennial Leader and Political Partner Royce Duplessis!

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