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Dec 4, 2020

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We are back with Dr. Lauren, The Culinary Doctor... TALKing Essential Eating with the Cooking Queen

Hey Friends! As we dive right into the holidays and all that good eating and dranking (yes, dranks!), your favorite 3friends knew it was time to TALK with "The Culinary Doctor", our Super Friend Dr. Lauren Powell.  Dr. Lauren is an accomplished family medicine physician, author, and expert on culinary medicine. She uses her knowledge and expertise to teach about disease prevention and the healing properties of food. Our Super Friend travels the country and uses her massive social media presence to combat and help end generational health issues, especially within the African American community.  This episode is a real treat to all the foodies out there, as Dr. Lauren drops tips about healthy holiday eating and everyday cooking habits that we can incorporate to keep us on the right path... especially with more days inside and limited activity outside due to the approaching winter months and pandemic stressors.   Tune in for a free green smoothie recipe and info on how to join Dr. Lauren's Cooking Queen Monthly Recipe Subscription.

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