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Dec 11, 2020

Hey Friends!

This episode is long overdue and right on time... just your favorite 3friends... and boy do we have plenty to TALK about! We're weeks (possibly days!!!) away from seeing the first FDA approved vaccines for COVID-19 in the US. We're super duper excited about sharing some key points regarding the vaccine's availability and distribution, dosing, and a brief overview of the process for approval. We're answering our #Friends questions LIVE and in living color. You don't want to miss this very informative episode... and of course, we've kept it fun and festive with #GirlTALK and a few rounds of getting to know your 3friends! Tune in and catch all these facts and fun with 3fT!

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Happy Holidays friends!

Dr. Courtney, Dr. Leah, Dr. Sylvia