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Mar 1, 2021

Fact: Out of all active physicians in the United States only 2.6% are Black women... that's only approximately 24,100 doctors.  So when you're good friends with a TRIPLE board certified assistant professor of medicine AND blood disorders specialist, it's a no-brainer that we just had to bring her on to TALK with your favorite 3 friends!  Our #SuperFriend LaQuisa Hill, MD is giving us all the deets on life as a true trailblazer.  From treating blood cancers to heading clinical trials, Dr. Quisa is doing it all, creating life sustaining therapies, while working towards a cure.  She is a BAD WOMAN.... true #BlackGirlMagic.   Tune in 🎧 as we learn about Dr. Quisa's journey, while she calls us to action to help in the fight for the cure.,no%20pain%20during%20the%20donation

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