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Apr 29, 2021

hello, Hello, HELLO friends!

Happy belated 4/20 family!  We’re learning so much from our cannabis series.  Have you ever wondered where the 4/20 holiday came from?  We’re discussing it all and getting to the business of cannabis with Emergency Room Physician Dr. Kaya. She is all about relationships through cannabis!  Dr. Kaya’s passion and expertise show through in this episode and she is putting us on game.  Oh, and we have a Where’s Waldo connection in this episode too, tune in!


Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Kaya’s passion for health and cannabis
  • All about the 40 acres and a dispensary
  • Why marketing is important for any cannabis entrepreneur
  • The importance of the Black community to learn how to monetize within the cannabis space
  • How we can promote equitable cannabis legislation




About Dr. Kaya:

Dr. Kaya (Angela Ledbetter, MD) is a board-certified emergency medicine physician who is passionate about utilizing cannabis to decrease health and wealth disparities. Dr. Kaya founded 40 Acres And A Dispensary, an organization that educates the Black community on the vast opportunities in the cannabis industry and co-founded Indica PhD, an organization that provides cannabis health education to the Black community. She is a board member and the secretary of ACHEM (Association for Cannabis Health Equity and Medicine), a professional organization for BIPOC healthcare professionals and students active or interested in cannabinoid medicine and health equity, as well as a coalition member of CHEM (Cannabis Health Equity Movement) and a co-creator of I Am Defining Me. Along with her cannabis industry education and cannabis health education work, Dr. Kaya actively advocates for equitable cannabis legislation within organizations like Minorities for Medical Marijuana and ACHEM.

Connect with Dr. Kaya:

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