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Jun 1, 2021

Kick OFF Your Shoes & Relax Your Feet! 

Sometimes we need to take a break!  You know your girls are all about self-care and we took it to the virtual spa for this episode!  Have a listen and relax, relate, release friends!


You will learn:

  • What’s got Dr. Courtney peeling
  • Leah’s “Wine” down time
  • Tea time with Dr. Sylvia
  • Self-care routines that work



About our guest:

The mission of 3 friends TALK is to provide a safe space for communities of color to join holistic health and wellness conversations in a fun and relatable way. We're here to provide value so that our friends learn, know, apply, and share the tips, tools, and how-to's we promise to deliver each and every time we connect.

Connect with Dr. Courtney, Dr. Leah, & Dr. Sylvia: